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Winter season 2018/2019

December 16, 2018 to Easter mondat April 17, 2019

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily Reservation hotline: +1 800 1234 556


    *How do you select athletes?

    – After examining the physical health of the candidates, we give them personal training for a day or two. After that training, we analyze their skills using specially designed skills tests. If they meet the criteria, we put them on the team.


    *What do you measure in scientific evaluation?

    – Our coaches measure coordinated skills such as balance, flexibility, strength and speed that skiing requires in athletes testing centres.


    * Why joining pre-season camps is important?

    We want our athletes to join pre-season camps in order to ensure continuity of skiing , improve their muscles assisting skiing and be prepared for the upcoming season.


    *What kind of trainings are provided in your club?            

    We provide race training, personal technical practice, sports discipline, sports psychology and coordination trainings with experienced, certified national coaches who have won medals both in national and international races.


    *How do you support your athletes psychologically ?

    -We make sport enjoyable via simulating it as a game and make them realize that it’s just the same as real life. We also support this with private strategies identified by our team. We organize events in order to strengthen team spirit and raise team awareness.

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      Posted 22 October 2019 17:29

      Congratulations on your new club. Considering the achievements in your professional career, I believe your athletes are blessed to have a race coach like you. THE CHAMPIONS TEAM WILL ROCK THE SKI WORLD 😊 .

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